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Here are some of the artists and composers that we represent and work with at Sublime Music:

Digby Jones, Funkdust, Airglo, Ben Gidsjoy, Jack Doyle, Al-Pha-X, Airglo, Arnold Drake, Benito Blanca, Sergio Belem

Bob Rockford, Phase 73, Muddy Funksters, Vespa, Kinkyminky, Delacroix, Jigsaw, Beachbums

Jacques Camus, James Darnley, Clyde & The KGs, Bobby Jamaica, The Dubtings

Jerry Douala, Steven Rawson, Chris Enderby, Mark Dundas, Alan Ellsworth

Robert Byrd, Tom Collins, Alvie Stewart, Bruno Morricone, Martin Baez

Tom Quick, Akash Vajpayee, Mesa Yarlen and Sincaire.


For more information on any of these artists please contact:

nick [at] sublime-music dot co dot uk

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