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We are a music production & publishing company, run by young musicians, specialising in jazzy, funky & Latin grooves and breaks, from drum ‘n’ bass to Sambas, chilled lounge to disco. We work with a range of composers from the UK, USA, France, Spain & Brazil who write fresh and original music for TV, film, adverts and trailers.

We write new commissions, as well as license existing tracks from our catalogue for a quicker, more cost effective yet still groovy and high quality end product.


Sublime Music was set up in 2002 and up to this point we’d done a variety of things. We made coffee at Jazz FM, tidied desks at DMC, pottered about at a music magazine. We also DJed quite a bit – lugging boxes of vinyl all over the place playing for all sorts of folk: Sir Richard Branson, in stately homes, raves in Canada, Oxford Uni Balls, fields in Norfolk, TV chefs, Oscar winners – even a European Princess once strutted her stuff with us!


Then we helped the team set up trendy fashion publication Exit Magazine (far too cool for us!). We did some music management too – working with people like Paul Oakenfold & Moby. Wrote a few tunes of our own, one of which ended up on Cafe Del Mar Vol 8 and sold 750,000 copies. Met lots of great people after this, and started getting tunes on TV and ads and things. Lots of cool TV shows – in fact we had more of our music on hit US TV show “The OC” than any other artist.


We spend all our time writing music these days, plus doing bonkers things like running marathons as well as being kept busy with young families (so crucially we know the difference between an octonaut and an octopus!) Plus Nick makes a mean curry. Apart from that we’re still making coffee and tidying desks, but in our office in London and our studio in Surrey.


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